In their words

Alumni, students, and other planners of the Kresge Renewal share their hopes for the project and stories about what makes Kresge College special to them.

Pam Ackerman

Pam Ackerman, Kresge College programs coordinator—"Our students are very independent. We’re hoping to keep that independent spirit and to still have a cooperative participatory democracy where students can have an opinion and say how they want to have the college run."

S. Bry Sarté

S. Bry Sarté (Kresge '97, fine arts), founder, Sherwood Design Engineers—"Being an 18-year-old and moving into a village setting like Kresge is just amazing. It attracted people who were willing to cook for themselves and wanted a little more autonomy and to operate in a non-typical way. I think the kind of creative thinking and independence that fostered helped me in so many ways on a personal and professional level."

Ian Thad Gregorio

Ian Thad Gregorio (Kresge ‘19, literature), member of Kresge Parliament—"Kresge gave me a lot of opportunities: Kresge Parliament gave me leadership and planning. Kresge Multicultural Education Committee puts on Kresge Presents Pride, the annual LGBTQ+ celebration, which involved major planning experience. Much more was available to me because Kresge gave me opportunities to go further."

Paul Simpson

Paul Simpson (Kresge ‘02, business management economics), co-chair Kresge Advisory Board—"Kresge provided an environment for you to test different parts of your personality, test different parts of things that you’re learning in the classroom in a setting that was social and promoted a lot of experimentation."